Posted on Nov 15, 2017

Atlas Spinal Care

When my son was two months old he suffered from colic, gas pain, constipation, and reflux. Everyone kept telling us it was just something he will grow out of. As parents that did not sit well with us. How can our son be in so much pain and we are supposed to just sit around and wait.
We brought our son to a NUCCA chiropractor. He took time to explain how these problems were related to his spine. Our son’s spine was shifted from its normal position. The chiropractor took x-rays to determine how his spine was shifted so he would know how to correct the issue. We were shocked when we first saw the x-ray. Our son was 11 weeks old, how could his spine look so crooked already? On the outside, he looked perfectly normal.
Our son received his first NUCCA chiropractic adjustment that day. Afterward, post x-rays were taken to verify that his spine was corrected to a normal position. Following the adjustment, our son’s behavior greatly changed. He had a good size bowel movement that night, stopped having reflux, no more colic or gas pain, and his complexion even changed as a result of improved blood flow.
He is now 13 months old. He is an extremely active, healthy, happy, and smart boy. We get his spine checked regularly to make sure the adjustment is still holding. Over the past year we have had him checked about 6 times. The BEST PART is he is still holding his first adjustment! That’s right, our son has been holding his adjustment for close to an entire year.
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